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Nov 30, 2003
- * Hola My Friends - *

Hey everyone what has been going on since the last time I left an entry?  Nothing much here of course.  My life is very boring.  LoL.  Right now I am at Megan's Grams where I always am hanging out with her cousin Allicia.  I like someone from a different school who is so cool.  I met him through a friend and then saw him a couple weeks ago well actually I saw him a week ago from today.  hehe.  School is still school nothing new there.  Welp I don't know anything to talk about so I am going to go.

Posted at 04:29 pm by frozenkiss
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Oct 16, 2003
- * Wow * -

Bonjour Mes Amies!  I haven't updated this thing in a while because my dad was getting suspicious of what blogdrvie was so if you are wondering that is why I haven't updated but I will try to more but I don't know.  Well let's see the last two weeks have been quite interesting.  Megan and Toth broke up...Grr.. He should die!!  Umm...let's see today is my sister's(best friend acutally) birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA!!!  Ok anywho back on the subject of the last two weeks.  Well I am now passing Geometry.  Yay for me!  Reda was funny as usual I will miss her if she actually retires like she said she was last year.  I am over Megan's Gram's sitting on Megan's Msn list talking to people.  I love it over here they treat me like family.  Probably since I have been coming over here since I was 4.  Megan's little sister is playing with this real annoying toy which Megan wants to shoot.  Megan's grandma makes really good spaghetti and apple crisp.  We have youth group at 6 and then we are going to the campground for youth.  This Saturday if all goes well I am going to go to the haunted thing at Kennywood with this kid from school cause his mom invited me and my mom said he likes me but I don't like him like that.  Last Saturday I went to Rich's Fright Farm to listen to my cousin's band and they rocked as usual.  Everyone Hillbillie music is great cause as my cousin says it's "Country Music with a Hillbillie Attitude"!  I love they band its great.  Well life has treated me kind a good except I hurt my ankle at Rich's and after swimming for the last two days I can't walk on it again.  Right now I can but right after swimming I can't.  Don't know why though.  My little friend and I have great halloween costumes for the halloween dance but hers is better than mine.  We need people's cell phone numbers!  It's gonna be great!  Hmm...  What shall babble about.  Well I still don't know if this kid likes my friend!! Grr..he supposedly doesn't like anyone but the way he acts around her is kinda flirty.  Omg HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLAMMIE!!  Well it's in two days but who knows if I'll be able to update in two days.  It is 4:41 p.m. and I have nothing to babble about..Oh Geometry when everyone said they didn't miss Coach Knee yesterday for class it was funny cause everytime someone went to answer a question he say "YOU!!"  It was great.  I've had a sub in 3 classes it's great for the last two days.  Mr.Morris is coming back tomorrow too and Coach Knee came back today, but I think Mr. Kozup is gone for the rest of the week.  Yeah you know what being a Freshie sucks.  The Seniors, Juniors, and Sophmores don't have to come to schoo someday this year but the Freshman do.  I swear I hate this school but see next year all the other little Freshie's have to suffer.  Welp I think I am gonna go and hang out with Megan and actually maybe possibly do homework!!
Avoir Mes Amies!!

Posted at 01:48 pm by frozenkiss
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Oct 5, 2003
- * After Church * -

Well it is after church and I am home alone because my mom had to take my neighbor to the emeregency room this morning and she's still not home.  I'm so happy I got to work the sound system at church. lol.  it was ok.  I'm gonna be trained to learn how to do it so I can every week.  That is if I make it to church every week.  I don't know what to babble about!!!  Nothing really has happened yet.  I got to meet Mrs.Coffman's baby daughter.  She is co cute and loud.  Driver Billy was funny as usual.  We were learning something and when the questions in the story or whatever it was came up he applied the question to people who he thought of like Tag your it...now who is that.  lol.  It was great.  Well I am gonna go and eat my lunch because I am very hungry I didn't eat breakfast well yeah I did but it was very filling.  I will write more tonight or tomorrow!  Byes!  I am so glad to be his friend again!!

Posted at 09:38 am by frozenkiss
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Last Night

Well I noticed I didn't get to write anything for last night so I decided to do it this morning before church.  Well I spent most of my day with Slammie.  The scary movie we made was hilarious.  Slammie's face was great.  We talked to people on the internet.  That's nothing new.  I came home around 4:30-4:45 and as soon as I walked in the door I had to change my clothes to go to the China Wok Buffet.  It was yummy.  Crab legs, wings, loin mein noodles.  It was great.  We got home around 7:15 something like that.  I got on the net and on ICQ and made up with one of my friends that I have not been on speaking terms with for a while.  I'm glad I'm his friend again.  Some of you who I told the story about him will know who I am talking about.  Then I got a shower.  It was funny Slammie was losing her voice and she sounded like a mouse.  I haven't heard her today yet and I don't know what she sounds like.  Welp got to go to church.  Write more after!  Byes!

Posted at 06:17 am by frozenkiss
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Oct 3, 2003
* - Later on tonight - *

Welp it seems my plans on going out to eat were ruined but oh well I can do that another time but I ended up with other plans anywho.  I got to go to Wallymart with Slammie and to the party store and then of course I did get to go eat and guess where!  Arbys! They have great food...I just got dont talking to my greatest friend on the earth Jan-Michael, and Theresa!  They are just great.  I finally got to see Jan at homecoming last week for the first time in like 4 or 5 months.  It was great.  Tonight was fun too..  So far we've gotten on the net, listened to music and watched a lil TV but not much.  Thanks to Megan and her great choice of people on her team we dont have to take the French test Monday!! Yay!  More time to sleep.  Slammie can barely talk...Speaking of which Wallymart was fun cause we were stalking around like 3 ppl and Slammie burped on accident when she went to speak....it was funny as heck....Jan said he would DJ my sweet sixteen party in 1 year and 3 months...Ashley better quit talking or her voice will never return...she sounds like Miss Hackney yesterday..Wait not yesterday the say before..Well it was either Wednesday or yesterday...Well we are just kinda waiting for Ashleys crush to get online but I dont look for that to happen....Omg there were so many coincidences today....we saw costello after just talking about her, i ran in to fullem, and then we saw ashleys crush's brother on the way to wallymart...  It was so great though...I hope next week the plans we had for today we can do next week like the Fright Farm...I think I'm gonna call Jan tomorrow and maybe go up his house if he is home but he's never home so I don't look forward to it.  Welp I'm guessing I better go cause I told Slammie this would be short but I just have so much to babble about and I'm not even done so if my dad goes to the GNCC's in Ohio tonight then he'll be gone for tomorrow so I will write then and then Sunday too because he will be at the races until 5 I think..Hey I hope LH won the game tonight but who knows...See ya later much love!! I like him a lot but I think I still like someone else from like 2 yrs ago!!!  Byes!

Posted at 09:06 pm by frozenkiss
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Welp this sure has been an interesting day!

Well today was kinda interesting.  We won the game in French now we(the team I was on) don't have to take the test Moday and we got 4 homework passes...I can't wait til I get to go out with my friends tonight if my mom lets me cause she has to know who all is going...welp I am going to go and get a shower just in case and wait for Megan to call me to tell me who all is going.  So I shall write more later...

Posted at 11:41 am by frozenkiss
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Oct 2, 2003
* - * H e y ! * - *

Hey people whats up?  I just finally learned how to get one of these things.  I'm so happy my best friend has one and I thought it looked cool so I wanted one of course.  School is gay but hey that's nothing new.  My day was great.  Well except for the homework part that's just not cool at all and I still have some to do but I don't feel like doing it yet so I am going to wait til after youth group which I have is go to in like a lil bit cause I have to go pick up my brother's pictures for the yearbook cause he is a big bad senior..yeah right. ...well my life isn't that interesting yet.  I hope he likes her.  She knows who she is then we might be able to have b/fs together that is if the person I like likes me...It'll be awesome if he did....wow...I'm kinda hyper which means I'm like on crack but that's not very often I'm like this but tonight I'll be really tired and want to go straight to bed after my shower...wow that history report was gay we had to do I agree with my friend why do we need to know about the Indians?  Why can't we learn about wars or something like that.  Something exciting...Life is good...Omg Reda's class and the nurse prosititues....that was just halirous....all her stories are though but when she tells a story she ends up teaching us something or telling us something never to do at school....I hope this weekend I get to go out with my friends to eat tomorrow night and then to the fright farm Saturday.....Welp I'm gonna go cause its time to go get my brother's picture...I will write more probably tomorrow due to the fact my dad will wonder what the heck this is and then he will get suspicious but thats nothing new...Have fun and remember Don't drink and drive....

Posted at 02:52 pm by frozenkiss